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Experience the best service in the industry from honest craftsmen with over 10 years experience fabricating exceptional metal products.

Experience the best service in the industry from honest craftsmen with over 10 years experience fabricating exceptional metal products.

We are Florida’s premier custom metal fabricator creating high quality architectural and ornamental metalwork specializing in the high-end luxury residential market in Miami, FL. We produce both FFE and permanent architectural installations to your exact specifications. We don’t stop there, we collaborate with architects, interior designers, contractors, developers, artists and start-ups to create any type of exceptional metal product. We work with software companies to produce hardware and we work with restaurants to produce specific cooking equipment. We help develop and realize your project balancing design intent, budget and production processes to suit your individual needs. Advanced Metal Supply is set up to create small and large projects, custom one-off and short run production products. We use traditional techniques mixed with cutting edge technologies to produce bespoke work. We offer full design engineering services in house to create production ready packages to ensure your expectations are met and exceeded.



We design all types of products. We have experience in all phases of design, creation and installation whether building a partition wall, a mechanical component, lighting etc. Projects can start at any stage, a classic napkin sketch, an inspiration image or even just an idea. We springboard that idea into fully flushed out concepts and create an exact working model of your design. Advanced Metal uses cutting edge software to analyze all aspects of a design and can answer any open questions. We produce shop drawings and a production package ready for us and our vendors to build a high quality product.


Advanced Metal uses a mix of traditional techniques with new technologies to fabricate a product that meets every customers needs. We take a manufacturers approach but have the diversity of a job shop to produce products that have the precision of an OEM and the character of a blacksmith. Each product is made with intent. We approach every project thinking about technique first. We use manual tools when needed and CNC when appropriate. We know when to be precise and know when to work quickly to complete the work one time, within budget and to the quality desired.


Advanced Metal Metalworks provides a variety of finishing options on any type of metal. We put finishes on many types of products; elevator interiors, hardware, furniture, cladding and other installations, lighting fixtures etc. We apply finishes to both our projects and client provided products. Advanced Metal specializes in unique steel patina finishes as well producing patinated finishes on non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, brass, bronze and copper. Our blackened finishes are applied in a variety of techniques producing many different results. Advanced Metal Metalworks produces a wide range of proprietary custom exotic finishes. We work with you to determine what finish is suitable for your application.

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