About Advanced Metal Supply


Founded in 2010, by Alexis Golindano, Advanced Metal Supply is the culmination of his technical experience with construction, mechanical engineering and an architectural background. He leads a creative team composed of diverse and skilled individuals that infuse their own talent and character into each project. The adaptability to clients’ needs and flexibility with influential factors, makes working with Serett a dynamic and evolving dialogue to accomplish the satisfaction of all parties involved.


Advanced Metal Supply provides custom metalwork, fabrication, consultation, and design in a wide array of projects to achieve optimally handcrafted solutions. Serett collaborates with architects, interior designers, contractors and artists, tailoring projects to suit the design theme, budget and demands.


Advanced Metal Supply places emphasis on the challenge of creating an object that incorporates art and architecture with a turn of the century sense of craftsmanship, when quality was respected. Translating a drawing into a physical work requires an understanding of the materials that may determine the form, the processes involved in fabrication and the functionality of the piece.


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