Edward Durell Stone Residence

CLIENT:  Edward Durell Stone Residence Renovation by Alex Channing
LOCATION:  Englewood Heights, NJ
DESIGN:  Single stringer staircase with cantilevered steps in blackened steel and wax finish

This is a classic story of a house fallen into disrepair and slated for demolition. However, the hired architect soon discovered it was a Edward Durell Stone design. This “forgotten” house by the American Modernist, Stone, was built in 1954 and renovated as close as possible to the original. The original staircase design was abandoned and Serett was hired to design a staircase to replace it.

The house was renovated to include clean and contrasting components of blackened steel with a wax finish. Serett fabricated the staircase, glass handrail and fireplace cladding. A staircase with a single string and cantilevered steps was designed to replace the original.

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